Speedlancer- A Dream Team for Every Business

No matter what business you’re in, no matter how many people you employ, there will always be days when you think, “There’s not enough time to do this!”

Occasionally, you’ll find that not only is there a lack of time available but there’s also a lack of relevant talent on hand.

Perhaps you don’t employ a copywriter full-time, or yours is snowed under and you need a cracking blog to push a new product. Mor maybe, there’s nobody on your staff with the skills needed to create a video or animation in time for a launch.

It’s usually during these periods of stress when many business owners turn to agencies or sites like Upwork to fill the gap.

The problem with sites like Upwork is that you can’t really be certain can you? You just don’t know that the random writer from God-knows-where is actually going to complete the work on time…and if they do, will it be good enough?

Speedlancer is different because it provides you with the means to get one-off Tasks completed super-quickly (within 4 hours!). In the case of larger projects, or you can purchase a “Bundle” which includes multiple Tasks as well as a more advanced workflow to ensure you get a premium result.

Bundles generally include more than one of our hand-picked and highly skilled freelancers, so you’re getting a tailor-made team on your side. Get the full-picture here.

Why teams matter

Speedlancer offers you access to a team of over 500 highly-qualified experts-in-their-field and this is true whether you purchase a one-off Task or a Bundle.

Within this curated pool of freelancers are the people you need to get your work done to the highest standards. More than that…they provide a level of professionalism that exceeds expectations.

Part of our success comes from working with many and varied businesses to provide them with, teams to assist in everything from design and development to thought leadership and the creation and execution of podcasts. Experience makes us better but it’s not the key to our success., Our commitment to hand-picking the most qualified, experienced and suitable professionals from our pool for your needs is the secret behind Speedlancer’s continuing success.

Strong communication is also necessary for successful business outcomes. Ours is done via Slack which allows a reliable and recordable method of keeping-in-touch. You can scroll back to view the start of a Task and dip in and out of conversations as you needed.

We place a strong emphasis on speed Time is money so when we choose your team, we choose those who are available to complete your Task on time.

Slack ensures that you’re always in the loop, always able to ask questions or give feedback and that the final delivery is planned in advance. You’ll never be left second-guessing on deliverables because our team members are consistently reachable.

How it works

When you hire a team with Speedlancer, you can rest easy in the knowledge that it will be made up of hand-picked professionals who represent the best in their particular discipline.

You will be assigned a Concierge who is there to manage your team and help you to ensure that your project flows smoothly from start to finish.

Communicating through Slack with each and every professional involved in your project, you can talk freely on your channel and engage individually with your team members, watching and overseeing the creation of each element of the job-at-hand. Because Speedlancer employs completely unique technology in the form of our own Slackbot “Shido”, you’re assured of the speediest possible communications with your team of Speedlancers. Thanks to the tailor-made design of Shido, your Speedlancers are always available and contactable. Learn more here.

What it all comes down to

Our Speedlancers represent the best of the best. We’re talking about people who’ve worked with some of the biggest and best organizations in the world. Your business can benefit too. Check out what you could be enjoying as part of your relationship with Speedlancer.

  • A dedicated team for your Tasks
  • Concierge to manage your team
  • Hand-picked freelancers
  • Free revision round
  • No lock-in contract
  • Cancel anytime
  • Start today
  • 100% money-back guarantee

We’ve already successfully completed thousands of Tasks and Bundles. Our talented team is waiting to help you get what you need out of our unique service.

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