About SpeedLancer

Speedlancer is a revolutionary task platform that delivers tasks to customers in just 4 hours flat after acceptance. Our suppliers (affectionately called ‘Speedlancers’) compete to accept the task, at which point they have 4 hours to deliver.

How is the quality maintained?

All Speedlancers have been curated based on their experience, portfolios, and reliability. In addition, we closely monitor all work and feedback given, to ensure that only quality suppliers are on the system.

What is the price model?

We let the market dictate the prices. Customers choose the price they are willing to pay for the task. The task is then sent out to our network of Speedlancers. The first Speedlancer to accept the task is awarded it. However, please set the price to a fair price because otherwise, the task goes at risk of not being picked up. We set our ‘recommended prices’ per category based on previous supply and demand, and is, therefore, a reasonable guide for a ‘typical task’. A typical task is a custom design created from scratch (a logo, business card, brochure, Facebook banner, etc), or a 500-word blog post or 400-word press release, or a clearly described data entry job.

How we guarantee quality

Curated Suppliers: Our professional designers and writers have been curated based on their portfolios and reliability and are continuously reviewed based on their delivered work. Additionally, our writers are all native English speakers with PR/media experience (this includes writers from Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand). Likewise, we deal only with professional data entry operators with vast experience in Excel and similar programs to ensure all work is accurate and fast.

Free Revision: Customers get at least one free round of revisions. Note, revisions may not be delivered within 4 hours as it depends on your Speedlancer being online and available. However, we will endeavor to deliver revisions ASAP. However, it is important to describe your task in detail from the outset, as our Speedlancers will fulfill the task exactly as you ask. Additionally, it is a good idea to respond to any Speedlancer questions (sent by email) to reduce uncertainty, if any. However, we are usually able to fulfill well-described tasks without wasting time with questions.

Refund Policy: If your task has not been delivered according to your task’s description after your free revision, we will issue a full refund.