We recommend you to sign up to create your account on Speedlancer so that you can independently use your own panel and post your projects immediately.
Here are some more reasons to sign up:
You can use the Customer Panel to see your previous and current projects
You can track the progress of your ongoing task.
You can directly use the support chat option and talk to our Speedlancer customer care representative by using your Intercom icon.
A bundle comprises more than a single task, and it is considered as one transaction. We recommend you to choose a Bundle if you want to get a collection of tasks completed in one go. This eliminates the need for managing things in a repetitive fashion.
In this step, you must have a task to be completed. Before you post your task, choose one of these categories and see which category your task fits in: Design, Writing, Website Maintenance, Research/Data Entry, etc.
Our search bar is accurate and can be helpful.
If you have multiple tasks to be completed but do not want to get into the hassle of posting tasks repetitively throughout the entire month, you can get our Concierge Subscriptions. This specialized package allows you to purchase all bundles at $500 per month.
Combined with advanced workflow, Speedlancer Concierge comes with a dedicated project manager – the AI-based system that automatically manages workflows by getting all your tasks done from the Speedlancer whose skills matches your task requirements. The result is the bundle of high-quality, completed tasks that are delivered to you within the right timeframe.
Not only this, Concierge Subscriptions allows you to avail 2 revisions on every task. Plus, if you think the completed task doesn’t match your requirements, you can replace the task with another one for free. Not satisfied for any reason? You can cancel the subscription anytime.
Tasks Subscription is our new service package that offers you a discount of 50% on every task. Not only this, choosing this valuable option will make you eligible for some great benefits such as extra revisions, premium support, and the task replacement guarantee. Just like Concierge Subscriptions, you can request for cancellation at any time.
When you have posted the task, the ‘Posted Task’ will be forwarded to our selected Speedlancers. They will review your task and description so they can accept it. If they accept your task, you will receive a notification that one of the Speedlancers has accepted your task and is working on it.
You are required to check for any queries from Speedlancer. They may ask you to provide more details about your project. Upon your immediate response, your task will have higher chances of getting accepted by a professional Speedlancer.
Even after the acceptance of your task, a Speedlancer may ask you questions in order to avoid getting into any confusion related to your project.
You can track the progress of your task by viewing the task management portal.
You will be getting an email that comprises of the delivered task along with the confirmation message that your task has been completed and delivered.
Yes! You are entitled to 1 free revision. That’s why we recommend you to review the completed task as soon as it is delivered to you. Please note that you will be getting the revised version within 24 hours.
Once you have reviewed the completed task, you can approve it by choosing the ‘Approve’ tab.
We ensure that all our Speedlancers understand the minute details of our clients. Therefore, we enable direct communication between our clients and Speedlancers. As you post the task, you can talk specifically about your project with the Speedlancer via the ‘Messages’ tab.
Leave your additional requirements as a message so the Speedlancer can see it and carry out the task accordingly.
If the Speedlancer has any question related to the posted task, they will ask you via the ‘Messages’ tab and you can answer immediately.
Speedlancer assures that you are charged for the task only when it is accepted by a Speedlancer and delivered to you in its completed form. If any Speedlancer hasn’t accepted your task, you will not be charged for it at all. We make this possible by using the ‘authorised payments’ option provided by PayPal.
Speedlancer gives you the opportunity to avail 1 free revision. If the final task doesn’t match your requirements even after the revision, you will be entitled to the refund in the form of full credits into your account.
Yes! As you sign up, you will be provided with a ‘Trial Account’ for fifteen days. In the trial period, you can avail a $10 USD discount on all tasks.
We hire professional writers and designers who possess immense experience and expertise in their respective fields. By looking into their detailed portfolios, we select only those who can deliver excellent work within a 4-hour deadline.