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Watch how this animation produced itself in 10 days by automatically coordinating multiple specialists

Creating an effective animated advertisement with a traditional agency can be a time consuming, expensive, process with no guarantees of success. Speedlancer’s patent-pending Bundles technology enables you to cut through the red tape most agencies create, connecting with pre-screened experts for every stage of the process at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to near-zero management overheads involved, Speedlancer’s Bundles simply connect you directly with the top talent, for a fully automated — yet fully bespoke — production.

Thanks to near-zero management overheads involved, Speedlancer’s Bundles simply connect you directly with the top talent, for a fully automated — yet fully bespoke — production.

This is why Speedlancer has been trusted by 1,600 companies to date, ranging from PwC, E&Y, and Sportsbet, to startups and over a hundred boutique agencies around the world.

Here’s the process in action…

Getting Started

Our story starts off like many before it – a client reaching out to one of our concierges about a prospective order:

Bundle Brief

Well, of course all of that is possible. The main sticking point is making sure that the provided material was of sufficient quality; which we covered in the scripting and storyboarding phases. Here is how the order was set up…

The above is Speedlancer’s Bundle process in action, collaborating scriptwriter, storyboarder, character designers, voice over artists, VFX and SFX guns, as well as superstar animators to produce the highest level animation — in record time and for record cost.

Scripting and Storyboarding

The first person to see the task was the storyboard writer (since there was an initial script). As we have come to expect — the expert writer found some ways to enhance the document to better align it with the client’s end goals.

Storyboard Design
Task Purchase

One key change was the expansion of the piece from six “scenes” to ten. While a bit much for sixty seconds, at first glance, in the end this appeared to be the wisest possible move. The beauty of the Speedlancer process really shown through at this

stage — for we were able to give the client the flexibility needed to make some changes to the copy later.

Set and Character Designs

The animator needs complete models of the characters and scenes to effectively develop the final product. This task paired the client with one of best character and set designers — leading to an amazing set of designs perfect for the project’s goals.

Set Design

The big point that needed to be conveyed was the transformation of a dilapidated residence into four modern townhouses. This is the initial picture accepted by the client:

The project continued with a second illustrator being brought in to wrap up the “visual” components of the project.


Voice Acting

You can’t have a good animated commercial without impeccable voice acting. That is where our talented researchers come into play. This task involved the researcher reaching out to highly reviewed voice over artists, based in Australia per the client’s request.

Task Purchase

The voiceover was finished later in the project, joining the rest during the animation part of the project.

Musical Composition

What commercial isn’t complete without a gentle whiff of music hiding in the background? A key part of this bundle includes finding licensed music from talented artists at prices the client can afford. There was only one “snag” during this stage of the process — the final voice over wasn’t finalised yet. This turned out to be a good thing, since it led to a couple of different options perfect for any number of scenarios.

Task Purchase


Animation is one of the trickier tasks faced by the experts at Speedlancer, due to the required back and forth between the task doer and the client. Thus — this section requires patience, a love of communication, and a “can do” attitude!

Task Purchase

Finally, after changing the check and money bags several times, we got to the point where only the website needed to be shown… though that turned out to be an adventure!

Of course, more revisions were needed after the scene animator finished animation and source files to the client. The animator was more than glad to get it handled!

The animator quickly changed the address in the final scene and sent it back in. The client immediately approved it and sent the project onto the second animator.

This one is meant to connect all the disparate elements handled by the first animator, creating the final product that only needs the voice overs and music added.

The client then suggested, through the live chat mechanism with their freelancer, that the original houses should look dilapidated, and that the old townhouses should vanish with the new, modern houses, appearing in their place. This suggestion by the client really helped bring everything together.

The final video ran a bit long to give the final collator enough material in order to match the video with the voiceover, eliminating the need to go back and revise later on.

Wrapping Up

Adding music and voice overs to video is vastly more difficult than the average person realises. That is why we sought some pretty awesome talent. Music is produced by Gnarles.com which Speedlancer uses as one of its vendors to deliver bespoke music production (with full rights) — you really can’t get this music elsewhere!

Task Purchase

After settling on the music, everything was put together. Now — this is the stage that has experienced animators on edge. What changes will be requested right at the end? Unlike traditional companies, Speedlancer makes it possible to incorporate changes throughout to guarantee the client’s complete satisfaction.

The changes were done, and the final video uploaded to a secure online folder. The client accepted it and immediately put the finished product to good use!

Without further ado… The final animation

Here is the final product, a commercial ready for distribution through traditional and online-only portals. All delivered through an automated project management workflow ‘Bundle’.

Check out co-dev.com.au who have been champion customers in letting us write this (quite revealing) case study!

And of course, if you’d like your very own animation video, you can purchase yours here! Our Concierges will get this started today and are very keen to guide you through the process.

(Feel free to email [email protected] for a quote for different lengths or needs — we’re flexible!)

PS. this whole case study was prepared and written by Speedlancers ;)

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