How Speedlancer is Bringing the Best Freelancers Together with User-Friendly Technology that Ensures Success

One of the most integral aspects of Speedlancer’s framework is its technology. At the heart of everything we achieve is a carefully designed method of communication which ensures real business outcomes for our users.

We knew our tech had to be more than just ‘good’ when we set it up. We wanted it to reflect the skills and dedication of our freelancers who give the best of the best in terms of commitment and results.

Our freelancers are not just highly-experienced professionals but real people who are dedicated to their work with Speedlancer. They may be spread across the globe, but they all have the same qualities which ensure that when you post a Task or buy a Bundle, you’re getting access to experts who share the same strong work-ethics and commitment to excellence. Speedlancer only uses freelancers who are native-English speakers from the UK, US, Canada and Australia for writing support. Our coders, designers, and other creative and technical professionals hail from many other locations.

Your success is their success. When we recruit, we’re looking for qualities which set our team apart from other freelancers. These aren’t average individuals who like to work out of coffee-shops and the back of their Mom’s basement.

These are people who have learned their crafts at some of the most respected institutions and organizations in the world. So they not only deliver the best, but they also expect the best in terms of a platform designed to ensure they are facilitated in their communication with you…the client.

Talking about Bundles

When you purchase your Bundle, we’ve already got the most suitable Speedlancers for your Tasks in mind. We check their availability and then assemble the dream-team most suited to your needs.

You’ll be introduced to your team by your Concierge. Tasks will be assigned on your Slack channel and as the work progresses, the team will collaborate together to discuss next moves, improvements and any special actions which may need to be taken.

Animators can share videos, writers can share documents and you can read and respond to the work as it progresses, offering your thoughts and feedback.

You’re also able to talk to individual team -members on a one-to-one basis when necessary or to share conversations with everyone.

Immediate responses

When you or any team member posts on your Slack Channel, your team are instantly notified. This ensures that response times are super-fast. There’s no need to waste hours waiting for responses to emails and no irritating or unnecessary CCs.

Your messages are instantly received by your Speedlancers and they always respond quickly; you’re also able to immediately note any conversations which occur between your team-members.

This ‘whole picture’ approach offers you the same benefits as an entire in-house team of creatives and marketing specialists under one roof.

You can chat to your graphic designer and bring in your copywriter to discuss any issues you might need clarified. Your voiceover artist will be available to speak to as easily as your social media guru.

Coupled with our innovative and completely unique technology, we’re offering a process and service that was never before available to SMEs. We’re picking up the slack for larger enterprise too.

Speedlancer’s unique insights and connections within the world of today’s freelancer when coupled with a unique take on freelance technology at its best have enabled many businesses to achieve outcomes which have gone beyond their imagination in terms of success.

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