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Watch your website grow with Speedlancer WordPress specialists

Hire WordPress Developers – 100% Moneyback Guarantee

Hire an expert freelance WordPress Developer with Speedlancer today. Our team of developers adapt to your needs and offer the most effective solutions to ensure your website succeeds.

Why just hire one WordPress Developer when you can have a whole team?

Our global team include heavily vetted, highly qualified professionals who are adept in providing a rapid, effective and tailored service to businesses of all sizes.

Hire a WordPress Developer with us, and you’ll be halfway to success immediately.

Unless you’re a WordPress development expert yourself, you’ll understand the pain of trying to navigate the tricky business of ensuring your site is pristine from looks to functionality, to security.

Searching for freelance developers is a minefield and knowing which to trust is impossible if you’re not certain how to sift out the best from the worst.

We’ve already done the hard work and found the best performing specialists available. When you book a team with Speedlancer, we’ll offer you the experts most suited to your niche so that you’re already winning before the work has begun.
One excellent WordPress developer can achieve a lot… a whole team can completely alter the course of your business for the better.

Find your WordPress Expert today and optimize your business with the very best in –

  • WordPress Customization
  • Design
  • WordPress Maintenance and Support
  • WordPress Re-Design
  • WordPress Custom Plugins
  • WordPress Bug Fixes
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Security and performance

We’ve researched and located the top WordPress developers globally. They’re a specialized team of brilliant and creative experts who are at the peak of their game.

They’re located right across the globe in the USA, Europe and Australia, they’ve got degrees, they’re passionate about what they do, and they’re ready when you are.

Whether you need a completely new website or help to improve an existing one, we’ve got a package to suit your business.

Our workflow

Our talent

Talent is hard to come by. At Speedlancer, we recruit the very best consultants on the planet who have worked with some of the biggest organisations in the world. You now have access to their skills.

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Speedlancers’ unique approach works with individual needs

Our unique approach is not one-size-fits-all but an organic and well-developed process that works with you and your needs.

Our workflow technology instantly gets your project up and running smoothly. As soon as you book your team, things begin to happen.


A project manager will examine your business with you. This is your opportunity to discuss what you need to achieve to ensure your website exceeds expectations.

Your project manager will ask questions, listen and gauge precisely what needs to be created or improved so that your business can reach the next level.


Your project manager will liaise with the team, and they will come up with an unbeatable strategy to show you exactly what work needs to be undertaken so your website reach the cutting edge of functionality and looks.

This is where you can see the plan before it happens, you can input your thoughts and ask for explanations if there’s anything you don’t understand.


A dedicated Slack Channel will be set up just for you and your team. On Slack, your team are consistently available to answer questions, listen to your thoughts and talk about the work as it progresses. It’s also where you can see the magic unfold as graphics and more are shared upon completion so that you can give them the ok.

Your project manager is also available via your Slack Channel and will be on-hand to iron out any concerns or to manage your team in your absence. Work will continue to flow even when you’re busy.

How can our WordPress Developers help you?

Choose from some or all of what’s on offer. We’ve got you covered whether you need a little help or a lot.


Your website’s aesthetics will blossom under the careful hands of our experts. Looks are an important part of success in the digital world, and our freelance WordPress developers know how to kick software.


No website is an island. Yours needs to be fully integrated to function to the best of its ability and to meet user expectations. Our team can enable your site to interact with any app or website without glitches or issues.


Enrich and improve your current e-commerce site or create a new one and do it well. We build e-commerce experiences that consumers love to use. It’s our dedication to providing the most functional of e-commerce design that keeps your income flowing.


Customize the functionality of your site or develop a new one. Our experts specialize in building plugins that are compatible with WordPress and in updating existing plugins.


Your new or existing site can be optimized for safety and function, so your customer experience is secure from start to end.


If your existing site has a few security issues that can be devastating for your business. Most people need skilled support to fix them, and we can help with that. We also remain available for long-term maintenance such as updates if that’s what you need.

Why choose Speedlancer?

Our freelance WordPress Developers are some of the best in the world and at the cutting-edge of technological development. What you get from us, is a service that’s tailored exactly to your needs.

When you hire WordPress developers directly from us, you’re cutting out a chunk of research that we know you don’t have time for.

Our unique workflow technology saves you time and ensures a consistent line of communication between you, your project manager and your team.

You only need to pay for what you require. Our careful consultation process ensures that we get to the core of which services will best advance your business when you hire a WordPress developer from Speedlancer.

We also offer a 100% moneyback guarantee in the unlikely event you’re not absolutely delighted with our service.

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