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The smart approach to a brilliant podcast.

From Podcast Production And Editing To Publishing – We’ve Got You Covered

All you need to do is record your voice, share your thoughts, give your opinion and we’ll make it a thing of beauty with podcast production services that take the pressure off and grow your presence.
We’ve brought together a global dream-team of professionals to provide you with full-service production that will give you the results you want in the most efficient way possible.

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Our talent

Talent is hard to come by. At Speedlancer, we recruit the very best consultants on the planet who have worked with some of the biggest organisations in the world. You now have access to their skills.

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Immaculate Audio

Worried about finding the right audio editing? Don’t have a professional studio set-up? Doesn’t matter – because we do. Our team love nothing more than scrubbing out the crackles and wiping out the background noise.

We’ll also make sure your recording sounds polished with the addition of transitional sound effects and music. Speedlancer offer podcast editing services that cut straight to the good stuff.

Strategy and Branding

Even the best podcasting pros don’t do it alone. If your content is fantastic, but you’re branding and strategy isn’t up to scratch you might as well howl at the moon for all the audience you’ll get.

Speedlancer will pair you up with podcast publishing services from experts that make the most of your niche and understand how to extend your reach.

The After-Care

So your content has been recorded and impressively edited, what next? We’re a podcast distribution service with a difference and now is where our incredible team of Speedlancers begin to really increase your audience. We don’t stop at making your podcast sparkle; we’re a dedicated podcast upload service, and we carry on pushing your brand as part of your package.

As a highly experienced podcast syndication service, we’ll arrange distribution and content for syndication/scheduling across channels.

Why you should be making a podcast

Podcasts are absolutely necessary in today’s fast-paced and competitive world. Whether you’re building your brand or selling a service, you could be missing out on a great stream of income. Check out these stats.

  • More than half of all households listen to podcasts
  • Podcast advertising revenue is set to surpass $1 billion in 2021
  • 8 out of 10 listeners spend 7 hours a week tuning in
  • More than half of listeners seek new shows at least 4 times a week

Why Choose Speedlancer For Podcast Editing Services?

Because what we offer is different to other full-service podcast production packages. Speedlancer brings together top-notch freelancers with the broadest possible experience levels and carefully curates their best work to ensure you get optimum results.

We call them Speedlancers – because they’re fast and they’re freelance.

When you purchase your team of Speedlancers, that automatically kickstarts a workflow which means that things start happening immediately.

You’ll be given a Project Manager who will oversee the automated process of your project. There’ll also be a dedicated Slack channel for you to communicate with us and direct with your team.

You get a truly personal start-to-finish service provided by highly creative and experienced experts.

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You’re in good company

Thousands of companies around the world have made Speedlancer their go to place to get marketing tasks out the door.

How does Speedlancer work?

We have hand picked 500 world class speedlancers to partner with you to deliver your marketing tasks. Fast!