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Get your share of Instagram action with help from our experts.

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Get your share of Instagram action with help from our experts. Real followers, real interactions, real growth.

Why hire a Social Media Manager when you can have a whole team?

If you’ve decided that it’s time to hire a social media manager, then you already know about the potential revenue you could be missing out on with a lacklustre Instagram account. It’s also possible that you haven’t yet realized that a single social media account manager comes with certain limitations.

There’s only so much one Instagram Account Manager can achieve. An entire team though? That’s a different ball game, and with Speedlancer, you get a complete team of dedicated professionals who are adept at the Instagram game.

We’re an Instagram marketing service with a difference. When you hire a team from us, you’ll be assigned a group of the smartest Instagram players out there. Not just one professional but a whole bunch.

These people know exactly what to post to boost your brand’s profile – and they know when to post it too. They also understand which accounts to follow to ensure your account is boosted in terms of engagement and visibility.

An Instagram management service has the potential to raise your brand to new heights, hit fresh and previously untapped corners of your market and ultimately, to help your business expand faster than you thought possible.

More followers? More sales? More engagement? Our Instagram growth service makes it possible

The potential revenue your business could access through a well-run Instagram account is huge – and the best part about that? It happens fast.

Once you implement a well-run Instagram account through us, you’ll see changes immediately. Instagram is a powerful platform for sales and marketing, and you need to be part of it.

Look at the stats for 2020.

  • Instagram’s potential advertising reach is 849.2 million users
  • One-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses
  • 30 million users tap on shopping posts once a month

In order to access your share of this enormous pool of potential sales, you need an organic Instagram growth service that ensures your account looks beautiful, is well-managed and up-to-date with the ever-shifting trends on the platform.

Our teams know exactly how to push your brand front and center.

If you’re not using Instagram, you’re not part of the conversation

Today’s consumers expect their favourite brands to be on Instagram, and they expect regular quality content. A considerable portion of sales are brought to brands directly through Instagram and without a fabulous account, you’re missing out.

Some Instagram marketing services rely on fake followers and bots to falsely boost your account – we don’t do that.
Our team of freelance social media experts for hire do the job manually meaning your brand gets seen by people who are genuinely interested in it.

Using services that promote bots as the main source of engagement isn’t a good move. That’s because Instagram is wired to respond to real, human activity and to recognize artificial engagement like followers that have been purchased.

Your brand reimagined with beautiful photography

Capturing the essence of your products or services for Instagram is a very specific art. The Instagram audience has certain expectations, and stunning imagery is one of the core essentials for a successful Instagram account.

Our team can help your audience grow immediately and sell more of your products or services by ensuring that each and every image that hits your account is more stunning than those of your competitors. Pique the interest of your followers, create a buzz and grow your account with our help.


Let us capture the essence of the lifestyle you’re selling. Every product or service needs to tap into the deepest lifestyle ambitions of consumers, and our team know exactly what your audience wants.


The sharpest imagery possible and your products showcased to the absolute max. Whatever you’re selling, we’ll find it’s best side and show it to the world.

Our talent

Talent is hard to come by. At Speedlancer, we recruit the very best consultants on the planet who have worked with some of the biggest organisations in the world. You now have access to their skills.

Further information

How we make it happen

Our unique workflow technology takes the hard work out of your hands and places it squarely on the willing shoulders of our Instagram specialists. Once you purchase your team, the magic can begin right away.

Via one-on-one telephone consultation, a project manager will start things off, so you’re fully engaged in the process from the beginning.


We’ll begin with an in-depth discussion where we can learn more about your brand. We’ll absorb everything there is to know about your products or services, and we’ll take a close look at your competitors too.
Once we’re sure that we’re fully immersed in your brand identity, then we’ll begin crafting a plan.


Our Instagram account managers will work together to create a brilliant brand strategy for your Instagram account. We’ll cover everything from the tone of your content to the style of the images needed to promote your brand best – we’ll come up with a look for your Instagram account that will ensure you’re going to stand out.


We’ll set up a Slack channel so your team and project manager can be fully available for you to interact with. You can contact them with questions, ask to be shown what the future posts might look like, make special requests – they’re there for you 100%. Because our teams are global, you can expect to be working with people who are on your time-zone and fully engaged with the market in the countries you’re targeting.


As your channel grows, you can continue to reap the benefits of increased engagement, more followers and more sales. We’re not your average Instagram growth agency. We see further into the future than most, and so your brand will continue to go from strength to strength under the watchful eyes of your team.

Here’s what you can expect to happen as your Instagram account grows

  • More followers
  • More sales
  • Increased brand awareness
  • More engagement
  • More traffic to your website
  • Connections with influencers
  • Increased awareness of your audience

Ready for an Instagram account that works for your brand?

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