Design Logo States as a Storyboard for Logo Animation

We will be animating the client’s logo based on the brief provided. Please design these 3-4 states (you do NOT need to animate it) based on notes and brief provided. Note we want two versions by two different designers.
Example output provided (source files required too)

In this step idea and story have to be creatively combined into several logo states. How the logo will be animated is defined by this output. You have a lot of freedom in the way you design the movement, just pay close attention that it matches story and message if described.
Please create the logo states most complex and needed to understand the motion.
Also add a brief description to the visuals explaining the motion in detail.
In the project-brief you will find all necessary further information about the project. Please read it carefully to precisely build the output needed for the current purpose.

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Design Logo States as a Storyboard for Logo Animation

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