“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”

— Steve Jobs

Practice Kindness

  • I think kindness is one of the most underrated concepts in business, technology and life.
  • Go out of your way to do something that benefits a fellow human being, without thinking about the ROI.
  • Do it without thinking about the cost or anything more than the assistance you can give to someone in need.
  • It’s a crucial part of changing your world today.
  • I’m terrified — fucking terrified — by the concept of a founder who only works for their own personal gain.
  • I know there are examples of people like that who put a dent in the universe. But I don’t think they’re healthy or helpful examples.
  • They’re portraits of desperate and dangerous people who don’t care who they hurt.
  • No matter how great their innovations, and how great the dent they made, I think we need to consider something…
    …the hairline fractures they caused in the people around them, and how those fractures negatively affected the world.

Don’t Take No For An Answer

  • And I mean this in the best possible way.
  • Do not take rejection and naysayers and the voices of doom determine your path for you.
  • Do not believe people when they tell you that you can’t, you won’t or you shouldn’t.
  • If you believe that you’re meant to be building something, then build it.
  • If you believe you’re right, then build it.
  • If you believe that what you are creating will Do Less Harm Than Good, then build it.
  • But don’t let yourself be closed off, shut down, pushed out, belittled or obstructed.
  • Not by people who lack the belief in you that only a truly invested participant in your dream can attain.
  • If I had listened to the people who told me no, at this stage, I’d be a miserable corporate lawyer with a Mercedes.
  • And yeah, a Merc would’ve been nice, but it wouldn’t have filled the cracks in my soul. Don’t take no for an answer. Take it as a challenge.

Focus On Your Mindset

  • Your mindset of success is what makes a difference in the world you’re creating.

Let me give you this quote right now, because it’s bean hugely meaningful to me:

“I have found that the more I honored others, the more they honored me and the more fulfilling my career became. In the business arena, I have been surrounded by people with awesome skills. The difference between good and great is determined by the mindset you choose to bring to the work. The concept of honor should be part of that mindset.”

— Douglas Conant

  • So what kind of effect does a success mindset have? Immense and immeasurable.
  • Do not have a mindset where you look at possibilities and opportunities more than obstacles and blockages.
  • Embrace flexibility and make it to the point where winning, and making your dent, are a manifest destiny, not an impossible goal.

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