While good web design can attract audiences, poor web design can chase audiences away in droves. Specifically, your website should draw in users right away and tell a compelling story about your good or service at the get-go. That said, what can businesses do to create a web design that is not only attractive — but increases web traffic as well?

Make Mobile Design a Priority

While consumer desktop usability is important, it is also imperative to take mobile usability into consideration. If your company wants to make inroads when it comes to organic search, taking mobile usability into consideration when designing your website is vital.

Add Video to Your Website

Without a doubt, video is a powerful medium on websites, as product videos can increase both product conversions and sales. While the exact percentage varies from one website to another, some businesses do report an increase in sales and conversions to the tune of 144 percent. Video is also a useful tool for service based businesses, as video can be successfully used to explain the benefits of a particular service. Therefore, it is important to use video in a way that adds to the overall user experience on a website — instead of detracting from it.

Improve the Visuals and Typography on Your Site

While improved visuals are extremely important, you should also keep typography in mind when improving the overall visuals on your company’s site. Typography will help your business stand out and positively contribute to your overall company branding.

Consider Using Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations and animations can increase web traffic to your website. Custom illustrations can create personality and in turn, visitors will be more interested in your messaging and visit your website for a longer period of time. Of course, in order to be successful with them, you must remember that simplicity is key. A visitor to your website does not want to be overwhelmed with distracting custom graphics.

Make Load Time a Priority

It is estimated that 50% of web users expect a website to load within 2 seconds or less. Moreover, these same users abandon a company website if it does not load within a measly 3 seconds. Even more alarmingly, almost 80% of online users say they will not return to a particular website if they previously had an issue with said site. Thus, load time is imperative if you wish to have any type of sales and conversions. Additionally, for every one second that you can decrease from your website load time, you will in turn increase consumer trust in your website.

Make Sure you Have a Clear Value Proposition

Value Proposition is the key determinant to whether a potential customer will continue to peruse your website or click the exit button. In essence, a clear value proposition explains how your product or service will solve your customer’s particular problems. More specifically, it offers the benefits of your good or service and tells customers why your business is better than the competition. Your website visitors must see your value proposition on your homepage and throughout the rest of your website. If you do not know your value proposition, you must first sort out this issue. After all, if you do not know your value proposition, you cannot expect your customers to as well.

Therefore, in order to increase web traffic to your site, it is important that your company website adhere to certain web design principles.

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