Detail. It matters…

When I look at the work I do, I hate it, 9 times out of 10.

Because it’s imperfect, and it lacks a focus and dedication that I know could take it to the next level. When I finish a blog post, when I finish a marketing email, when I finish a sales call. It happens all the time. And it’s why I’ve been working on developing a 5 minute rule.

No matter what I do, and no matter how much time I have, or how many tasks are on my list — I give 5 minutes more. I give 5 minutes more to examine my work, to examine the outcomes, to review it one more time, to measure it one more time.

When I do that, I force myself to pad out my mad rush to the finish line and I allow myself to work in a little more detail.

What happens to your schedule when you add up a whole bunch of extra 5 minute slots? You’re going to lose an hour, maybe. Over the course of a day. Maybe you’ll be late to a couple of meetings. Maybe you’ll just take a little more patience from the folks around you. But the benefits are going to be massive. Here you have an opportunity to prove your incredible value to your team and your customers, by making sure that detail and time are a part of your process.

The first day I started doing this, I picked up on a customer error that could have cost me thousands. I really did. And all it actually cost me was…5 minutes. That’s no time at all. The amount of value I gained from giving 5 minutes was worth so much more.

Taking 5 minutes every time you complete a task is my secret weapon. Believe me — you should make it yours.

Thanks for reading!

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