Growth doesn’t just happen.

Working with Adam Stone(the Speedlancer CEO) has taught me one thing.

Growth doesn’t just happen like some kind of magical benefit out of nowhere. It’s not a miracle. It’s a serious, sustainable phase that only happens through careful planning and calculation. It’s not enough to want to grow. You need to be anticipating growth, having forecasts for growth, and establishing a clear road map to get there.

For example, we don’t just say Hey, wouldn’t it be great to get to X revenue? Imagine the fancy office we could buy!

Nope. We sit down and we plan when we want to get to what revenue margin, and we dedicate our efforts to getting there, and we spend on growth to make it happen.

Here’s some more info on growth planning:

Growth is about systems.

Yeah, you can throw as many growth hacks out there as you want.

But growth hacks aren’t worth a cent if you don’t have repeatable, real systems and processes that take place every single day and can be repeated so that you know what is happening and when it’s happening.

Too many people have growth processes and systems locked away in their minds. I know this sounds morbid, but happens to the company’s growth if you get sick? Or more practically, what happens to the company’s growth if your team just doesn’t know what actions to take?

If we know something has to happen regularly, we make it a recurring task. We have a system and a checklist for getting it done.

Growth. Happens. With. People.

We are building Speedlancer for a reason. That reason is that we want to make it easier and more sustainable for companies to grow and grow fast. The number one element that people often forget when they’re trying to grow a company is that it doesn’t just happen with fancy products and marketing campaigns…it happens when entrepreneurs make smart use of the people in their teams.

We help teams do this by using freelance productivity through our tasks, and we help ourselves do it in the same way. I could have spent today researching dot-points for a PR piece that I’m pitching out to some overseas editors and collecting data.

But that’s not a good use of my time. So I have my Speedlancers doing that for me. Because growth happens when people work and are utilised in a smart and scalable way.

Speedlancer can offer you a range of carefully chosen tasks that will match your needs in design, content creation & marketing!

I’d love to invite every single one of you to check out the platform. I believe in it, I love working on it, and I can’t wait to do some big things.

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