What’s Slack Got to do with it? How Speedlancer’s Shido Bot Revolutionized Freelancing

Collaborating through Slack is nothing new. Especially for the multitude of SMEs and larger enterprises that find the sleek messaging platform invaluable when it comes to easy communication with multiple team-members.

But Shido, Speedlancer’s integrated Slack bot ensures greater simplicity than before, especially when it comes to utilising the skills of freelancers to assist in day-to-day business.

Shido was first developed by Speedlancer back in 2015; it arrived as an innovative tool allowing Slack users to fully integrate with the Speedlancer platform. It was the first Slack bot of its kind and ground-breaking in its ingenuity. Once it’s set up, the bot becomes a member of your Slack team channel via Speedlancer. It allows your freelancers slide in and out of your Slack team without actually adding them to Slack. Once the freelancer has played their part, they’re removed from the channel.

To send an order, you just need to begin a conversation with Shido. All discussions and files transferred are treated like internal communications. Everything is encrypted, archived, and indexed.

Once you’ve shared a Task, any qualified Speedlancer can view and accept it.

With the assistance of Shido, businesses can utilize Speedlancer’s easy-to-use system to track and approve any Task they don’t have the time or the team to complete themselves; some Tasks turn around in as little as 4 hours.

Or, you have the option to purchase a “Bundle” which offers more scope and access to more freelancers.

Bundles are generally for larger or more complex projects, requiring multiple Tasks for completion, which might involve more than one freelancer. These projects can turn around in as little as seven days.

Speedlancer offers many ready-to-go Bundles including a basic SEO Bundle for eCommerce, SEO research, short gifs and animations, web design and even Whitepapers. There are numerous options to choose from and you can also custom-design your own Bundle to suit your businesses unique needs.

Bundles include a dedicated project manager, revisions, a ‘Task-replacement’ satisfaction guarantee and rollover credit. What’s more, it’s free to cancel at any time.

Many enterprises know and regularly use Slack as a place where decisions are made but Shido enables users to take action on those decisions faster.

There’s no need for a member of your team to rush off to random freelancer sites or to an already busy agency to locate someone qualified to help with a project. Shido will do it for you through Speedlancer and the service is available 24/7 no matter where in the world you are.

Why Speedlancer?

Speedlancer is a highly responsive platform which enables businesses to connect with one or with many hand-picked freelancers who can assist in all kinds of ways.

Finding the best freelancers was a challenge in the past but with Speedlancer as your go-between, you’re assured of encountering only the cream of the crop.

That’s because each Speedlancer in the pool is chosen for their own particular strengths and experience…and the selection process is rigorous.

All freelancers working under Speedlancer’s umbrella have been carefully vetted and selected for the quality of their work. Many have worked with organisations such as Forbes, the BBC, Inc, The Guardian and The Examiner so the standards are high.

The calibre of work on offer is the best of the best and a quality guarantee is in place to ensure that you’re always happy with what you get.

How does it work?

That depends on your needs. Thanks to our Slack integration, you can hit us up for help no matter how small or large your project needs. Instructions for a simple one-off Task can be placed on Speedlancer’s platform and then picked up by one of the Speedlancers qualified to complete it.

There’s a timer in place which allows both you and your Speedlancer to keep an eye on the timeframes.

The clock ticks away and you’re able to communicate with your Speedlancer the whole time. They can ask clarifying questions and you can add details or check up on progress. The Task will usually be delivered within 4 hours unless otherwise arranged and it’s at this point you get the option to hit the ‘approve’ or ‘revise’ button.

Once you’re happy, you have the opportunity to leave a rating for your Speedlancer’s work. You can even request a favourite Speedlancer for future Tasks and in this way, you are able to build a relationship with the professionals whose work you particularly like.

Shido offers businesses on-demand access to a tailor-made team of professionals that most SMEs and indeed larger organisations, simply don’t have available to them. In short, thanks to Shido, your organisation can benefit from a much larger team than ever before and with no need to hire.

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