Speedlancer Concierge

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Speedlancer Concierge

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Everything you love about Speedlancer PLUS a dedicated Concierge/Project Manager + more, with $500 of rollover credit included

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Speedlancer Concierge

A dedicated project manager

You'll have a dedicated project manager/Concierge standing by to manage workflows and ensure you always get the best outcomes

Speedlancer Concierge

Double the revisions

Why stop at one? With Speedlancer's Managed Service, you get two rounds of revisions on every task you put through the platform, instead of the usual one.

Speedlancer Concierge

Task replacement guarantee

As a dedicated customer, we give you an additional guarantee - if you don't like the work for any reason, we'll replace it once for free. That's on top of our normal guarantee that the task will match your brief.

All bundles are purchased with a concierge subscription at $500 per month
$ Concierge subscription 500 What is our concierge service?
$ Total due 500
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