60 Second Animation

Expected delivery time: 12pm Sun, Feb 10

60 Second Animation

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A longer form animated video that gets deeper into your product!

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60 Second Animation

Video script

We will write a script for your video, covering all the necessary action, characters and dialogue.

60 Second Animation


Our artists will design a simple, clear and dynamic storyboard portraying each shot and scene.

60 Second Animation

2 set + character variations

We'll design 2 variations on all characters and sets, so that you can choose the one you want to use!

60 Second Animation

Asset creation

All your SFX, VFX, voice overs etc. will be carefully crafted to meet your requirements.

60 Second Animation

Video creation + editing

We'll combine all the above into an awesome video, edit it, and provide you with the draft for sign off and rendering!

All bundles are purchased with a concierge subscription at $500 per month
$ Fee 2750
$ Concierge subscription 1st month FREE What is our concierge service?
$ Total due 2750
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