See what I did there? ;)

Seriously though, there are some truly amazing lists of growth hacks that have already been written. When I started researching hacks for this article, I realized that I didn’t need to write yet another list of growth hacks.

What I needed to write was the list master-list, that can be a resource for any growth hacker needing instant inspiration.

Because you know the one thing that’s always better than Google?

Curation from someone you trust.

Check out the list here:

Kissmetrics: The 6 Best Growth Hacks to Get Customers Without Having to Pay for Them

Growing a business is no easy feat. Every dollar counts.

But what if we could “hack” our growth? Instead of paying $20 to acquire a new customer, we could focus on projects that continue to bring us new customers long after we’ve finished improving. Paying for the hack once and enjoying growth long after the fact sounds like a good deal to me.

Startup Grind: Case Studies: 2017’s Top 10 Growth Hacks

So you’ve launched your product and now it’s time to start getting customers. Hopefully by this point you already have some, from the awesome prelaunch strategy you executed.

Speaking from experience, this particular phase is often the hardest in the life of a startup. You need to move from that launch phase to building something that has a strong market demand (or product market fit).

Hubspot: 4 of the Best Growth Hacking Experiments to Try in 2017

Growth Hacking is a popular marketing buzzword, but does anyone really know what it means? Neil Patel does a pretty good job explaining the concept and talking about its origin, saying that a growth marketer is someone who uses “analytics, inexpensive, creative and innovative ways to exponentially grow their company’s customer base.” But how can one pull off that kind of growth — especially with a limited budget and resources?

Crazy Egg: 7 of the Best Growth Hacks for SaaS, Live Chat and E-Commerce

Whether you run a business that thrives on live chat, or you’re bootstrapping your way to success as a SaaS or e-commerce store, you know that growth hacking is key to seeing success — fast. But before you spend a lot of time, money and effort on techniques that don’t work, check out these proven tactics for growing your user base and revenues faster than you ever thought possible.

Ahrefs: Growth Hacking Tactics That Every Startup Needs To Know

Ever wonder how startups with no marketing budgets pop up overnight?

Old people would tell you it’s through sales and marketing. Shane Snow would call it smartcutting, and Sean Ellis would say they growth hacked.

All of the above are correct, but growth hacking has become the popular term; therefore, we’ll stick with growth hacking.

Slack Insights: The List of 300+ Growth Hacking Links with Tips

We’ve been gathering growth hacks and marketing tips to use them to promote Standuply. However, the result is really up to how you apply it to your specific case. Thus, we decided to share these tips and tricks with all of you. Some of them are really useful, others may lead you to new ideas, the rest you may find controversial. We hope that this data will bring you more traffic and happy customers. Enjoy and spread the word!

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