We’re excited that Speedlancer has been featured on the Martec list of the 40 startups to watch in 2017, which is awesome!

Speedlancer is a marketplace of 450 curated freelancers available on-demand. They deliver tasks in as little as 4 Hours or in Bundles for full-stack campaigns. Founded by 22-year-old entrepreneur, Adam Stone. Adam launched his first business at the age of 12. He scaled it across 120,000 customers worldwide and outsourcing the entire process down to a 10-minute-work week (while studying full time).

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Speedlancer can offer you a range of carefully chosen tasks that will match your needs in design, content creation & marketing!

I’d love to invite every single one of you to check out the platform. I believe in it, I love working on it, and I can’t wait to do some big things.