Digital marketing is slowly replacing traditional marketing. In the past, advertising was characterised by awareness creation and the buildup of transactions. Its importance has declined due to the fragmentation of media and the increasing number of people using the internet.

Digital marketing was previously nothing more than a combination of funny acronyms. Terms like SEO, meta tags, and meta descriptions did not make much sense then, compared to how they do now. Currently, there is a change in buyer behaviour, influenced by the social media platforms and influencers.

If you want to beat the competition with digital marketing in 2018, here are some easy steps to follow:

Organic Growth through Social Media

The social media platform is one of the most potent ways to grow your business. With over two billion users across the major networks, online brand marketing is the way to go. Some of the specific ways in which to become successful through digital marketing are:

  • Facebook Campaigns- The success of your Facebook campaigns depends on your goals. They should be driven by the need to drive traffic, brand awareness creation, and conversion into sales.
  • Tweet Storm- Work towards connecting a series of tweets to gather steam. There are various tools that you can use to create your own tweetstorm. They include WriteRack, stormy, and little pork chop.
  • Email Campaigns- Using email, you can send personalised messages to your target market. In so doing, you will promote your brand, content, and product. Clients hardly ignore customised messages.

Create a Meme and Share It

Even if you are not an expert in creating a meme, you can still hack the process. A meme contains a visual element and focus and is emblazoned with a witty message. You have to be watchful on the trends for you to success in the trade.

You can make use of various tools to create your memes:

  • 4Chan- It is an image board website where you can create your memes. It is dedicated to a wide variety of topics for your use.
  • DeviantArt- It is the largest online social community for photography, videography, and online artwork.
  • Pinterest- You can get funny quotes and sayings for your memes from Pinterest.

Invite People to Sign Up in Your Ecomm Store

When you launch your e-commerce store, you may not have the luxury of a host in a real party. How do you make the big announcement?

  • Emails- Set up an email list and let visitors to your website know about it. Install an email pop-up app to help boost the conversion rates.
  • SMS- You may send text messages to potential and existing clients if you have their phone numbers.
  • Facebook/Twitter- Share the news of your launch on your personal Facebook page and ask people to sign up for your newsletter through email. Ask for friends and family support in spreading the news about the launch on their Facebook pages.

Create a Contest for Interesting Posts

Through the different social media platforms, you can create contests through which to bring people to your brand. Many marketers have been tempted to buy fans and followers. Avoid this route by all means.

Facebook contests, for example, do work, if they are of good quality. Start by understanding why you need the competition and what it will help you achieve. By striking the right balance, you can successfully execute the contest.

Most important, remember to measure the results and look for ways to make the contests better with time.


Marketers have no choice than to utilize the platforms that the buyers spend much time looking for information. Use of social media to promote your brand should not be a challenge if you understand what you aim to achieve.

As social media changes the way it does things, strive to keep up with the changes. This is the only way to ensure that you remain relevant in the eyes of social media users.

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