About Exponentially

Exponentially works with multiple Australian businesses across a range of industries, focusing on helping them develop and quickly iterate on pretotyping experiments that can allow them to explore new opportunities with the fastest, agile approach.

The Situation Before Speedlancer

Because of the need to create and grow ongoing content and collateral that could support their campaigns and provide context to their work, Exponentially were regularly going through the process of hiring and using freelancers to build their blogs, social posts and core materials.  The volume of content required and the level of manual interaction and management of multiple freelance projects meant that the ROI was often challenging and provided an obstacle to the kind of output needed to support the company’s growth.

Leslie Barry | Founder, Exponentially


Why Speedlancer?

Exponentially’s Managing Director, Leslie Barry, had worked with Speedlancer on some smaller projects in the past around content and branding, and was aware of the value proposition. The idea of being able to instantly access workflows and teams who could accomplish tasks in a streamlined way was hugely appealing and seemed to match the more scalable and economical approach to content creation that the company required.

As a consultancy, Exponentially operates in a highly competitive market and constantly seeks opportunities to maximise resources. Speedlancer’s model and the ability to work with the project management team via Slack made the platform accessible to the group and opened up a world of easy to implement and streamlined content. 

The Speedlancer platform allowed Leslie and the team to curate the exact tasks and workflows that matched their campaign needs instantly, giving them the resources, collateral and content they needed to support time sensitive pushes around their workshops and service offerings.

Reduced Admin Time & Resources

For Leslie, the experience of using Speedlancer has been vastly superior to hunting for freelancers, attempting to manage their output and paying fees that would have stretched or gone beyond the content budget that he had outlined for their campaigns. 

“We’ve been able to save thousands of dollars, not just in freelance fees and in the ROI of the content, but also in the admin time and management resources we would have had to put into using normal freelancers.”

“We would absolutely recommend using Speedlancer again, and we are planning on implementing more projects using their platform.”

“We can spend time on the campaigns themselves and less time managing the content creation.”