Deck Creation Bundle (10 slides)

10 page presentation or slide deck custom designed in Photoshop and converted to Powerpoint!

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What's Inside The Box

We know the right combinations of tasks for completing complex campaigns & workflows. By bundling the services you'll need, we can ensure the best price, the best time and the best outcome!

  • 2x Custom Photoshop Designs to Choose From
  • Design Remaining Slides
    • •
  • Convert Back to Editable Powerpoint
    • • •

1. 2x Custom Photoshop Designs to Choose From
Product description.

Firstly, we will have TWO separate designers each custom design the first two slides of your deck. You'll have the opportunity to iterate with each of them for free, before selecting which one you'd like to stick with for the remainder!

2. Design Remaining Slides

We will use the design style you choose to design the remaining slides, ensuring 100% consistency across all your slides. Again, everything will be custom designed in Photoshop to match any inspiration you provide (your website, competitor decks, etc), and as always you'll have the opportunity to iterate on the whole thing!

3. Convert Back to Editable Powerpoint

Once the final Photoshop design is completed, we will convert the Photoshop deliverables, layer by layer, back into an editable Powerpoint file. All text and graphics will remain editable! The outcome, of course, is a custom design like never seen before in a Powerpoint!

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Timmy Wahba CEO - | Founder @ Columbia Angels

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Our 5 star rockstars have worked for The Huffington Post, The Guardian and more! We look for Unicorn level talent in all our task categories (design, marketing, writing, research) and train them specifically to deliver the highest quality deliverables at unbeaten speed.

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