VVLF Blog Post Bundle (20k words!)

Very Very Long Form Blog Post Bundle -> Up to 20,000 Words on '101 Ways to do X' relating to your business/industry! This is the ultimate content, delivered in just 5-7 days. Great for companies wanting to kickstart their content marketing campaigns with a real bang!

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What's Inside The Box

We know the right combinations of tasks for completing complex campaigns & workflows. By bundling the services you'll need, we can ensure the best price, the best time and the best outcome!

  • 5x Research Tasks
  • Writing (20x tasks)
    • •
  • Design (optional)
    • • •
  • Collation
    • • • •

1. 5x Research Tasks
5x research tasks

We will extensively research and create a list of 101 ways to do X. For example, 'Here are 101 business card designs', or '101 top places to visit if you are a digital nomad' or '101 tops ways to market your XYZ-industry business'; the opportunities are endless!

2. Writing (20x tasks)

Each of the 101 items will have a 150-200 word explainer attached. As always, these are written by our top-tier journalists. We will start the process with 2 tasks so that you can choose the style you prefer, and we'll have the remaining writers match the style for consistency. The writers will add a graphic/GIF to every few items, where relevant, to keep it engaging.

3. Design (optional)

Although optional, it is highly recommended to add custom graphics either at the top or in-line with the posts.

4. Collation

Our data-entry assistants will collate all the content and images together in order.

Speedlancers are very efficient, professional, and timely!

Timmy Wahba CEO - Beast.nyc | Founder @ Columbia Angels

We Source From The Industry Best.

Our 5 star rockstars have worked for The Huffington Post, The Guardian and more! We look for Unicorn level talent in all our task categories (design, marketing, writing, research) and train them specifically to deliver the highest quality deliverables at unbeaten speed.

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    Raj S.

    Creative Agency Founder

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    Michelle F.

    Senior Designer

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    Louise S.

    Writer @ The Guardian

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