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We know the right combinations of tasks for completing complex campaigns & workflows. By bundling the services you'll need, we can ensure the best price, the best time and the best outcome!

  • Launch Press Release
  • Product screenshots
    • •
  • Create Industry Fact-Sheet
    • • •
  • Present in a nice PDF press kit
    • • • •
  • Locate relevant journalists
    • • • • •
  • Locate email addresses of those reporters
    • • • • • •
  • Press Release Distribution
    • • • • • • •

1. Launch Press Release
Write press release

Firstly, we will commence creating your press kit! This starts with having our native-English *journalists* writing a press release for you! Imagine having someone from sites like the Huffington Post or writing *your* press release for you... now stop dreaming!

2. Product screenshots
Produce screenshots

Our designers will collect the best screenshots of your product (or feel free to provide your own). We can also edit any photos you have already, as a part of this step.

3. Create Industry Fact-Sheet
Create industry fact sheet

You have your press release, but you journalists often appreciate having a fact sheet on your company and your industry, providing at 'at a glance' view of the sector. Our US-based Virtual Assistants will do in-depth research and compile the information along with any information you have provided.

4. Present in a nice PDF press kit
Present in a nice pdf

Our designers will merge all of the above into one nice PDF. This will be your press kit!

5. Locate relevant journalists
Locate relevant journalists

In parallel, we will have our US-based Virtual Assistants locate 30 existing media articles in your sector, and the journalists that wrote them. This is essential as these will be the journalists that will find your launch most interesting, and increases the chance that they will cover you!

6. Locate email addresses of those reporters
Locate email addresses of those reporters

Speedlancer's dedicated team of data-entry freelancers will locate the email addresses of these journalists, which you'll be able to send your PR kit (from above) to!

7. Press Release Distribution
Press release distribution

We will have our Virtual Assistants distribute your press kit to 5-10 recommended free PR distribution sites

Speedlancers are very efficient, professional, and timely!

Timmy Wahba CEO - | Founder @ Columbia Angels

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Our 5 star rockstars have worked for The Huffington Post, The Guardian and more! We look for Unicorn level talent in all our task categories (design, marketing, writing, research) and train them specifically to deliver the highest quality deliverables at unbeaten speed.

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