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All bundles are purchased with a concierge subscription at $500 per month

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Keep your email list engaged with captivating weekly newsletter content
Newsletter Research & Planning

We will first plan two custom articles/posts that would most interest your audience (these will be written up as blog posts, in the tasks below!). Next, we will collate three industry-relevant third-party resources (eg news articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos, infographics, or anything else) that would attract your subscribers.

Blog Post Writing (1 & 2)

We will write up the two custom-planned articles from the research phase, into 600 word blog posts. Our writers are all native-English with extensive PR/media experience for the likes of Inc & Huffington Post.

Summary of the 3rd party resources

We'll write a blurb for each of the three resources we located, to provide instant-value to your subscriber-base

Custom header graphic design (optional)

Optionally, we can design a custom graphic each week to include in your newsletter. This encourages engagement and makes everything seem more personalized!

Post to Wordpress & Mailchimp

It wouldn't be much of a Speedlancer Bundle experience if we didn't finish it off for you! Add us as a sub-user to your Wordpress & Mailchimp accounts, and we will set up templates for you to use, as well as handle the posting and/or sending for you!

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