Infographic Research + Design Bundle

Infographic Research + Design Bundle

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A well-researched and beautifully designed infographic + a blog post!

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Infographic Research + Design Bundle

Research into your chosen topic

A highly trained US-based Research Assistants will do in-depth research into the topic of your infographic to ensure your audience gets the most essential and trustworthy information. This way, the infographic won't simply be marketing fluff, but rather a highly-researched work of art.

Infographic Research + Design Bundle

600 Word Blog Post + Tweets

Simultaneously to designing your infographic, a native-English writer (with extensive PR and media experience) will write a blog post to go along with your infographic. Additionally, this will include 2-3 launch Tweets with relevant hashtags to help get the word out there!

Infographic Research + Design Bundle

Infographic Design

Based on the research, we will commence the most important part - designing your infographic! Our designers are aware of the latest infographic design trends and follow any company/brand guidelines you supply, to design a solid custom infographic based on the research already provided. Wow your audience, like we wow ours:

All bundles are purchased with a concierge subscription at $500 per month
$ Fee 387
$ Concierge subscription 500 What is our concierge service?
$ Total due 500
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