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Research of 10 link opportunities, content heading creation, research and writing of 5 blog posts, followed by outreach
Research link opportunities

We will research 10 link opportunities to outreach to and then find their email addresses

Content ideas plan + Background research

Visitors demand a lot from content. It must be insightful and share-worthy. Speedlancer will have top US-based Virtual Assistants research each topic in the content calendar and provide the basis for the writers to, well, write!


Now for the fun part. Our native-English professional writers, all of whom have extensive PR/media experience (yup, you could have someone from Huffington Post, The Guardian or assigned to your tasks!) will write up each post to the style of your liking! Each post will include 3 custom tweets to go along with them.


Our US-based Virtual Assistants will send emails to each blogger from an email address of your liking on behalf of your company, and follow up with them, to try to pitch the articles out.

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