Speedlancer is the world's fastest freelance marketplace, delivering design,
writing & data-entry micro-tasks by curated freelancers, in just 4 hours. Yup even this press page was designed in 4 hours!

Speedlancer is the brainchild of Adam Stone, a 20 year old serial-entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia.

Speedlancer was founded with a single premise – that it is possible to quickly and easily connect clients with high quality content producers in a narrow time window. Since the service exited beta in January this year, thousands of designers, writers and data-entry operators have been screened, providing top-quality results in the shortest possible amount of time.



"Speedlancer's aim is to remove all friction in getting work done online, with no sacrifice in quality."

Adam Stone

The company is growing, adding new creative, content, and data-entry coverage to its seller marketplace every week. It now boasts a network of over 200 vetted freelancers to meet demand, keeping acceptance times at under 20 minutes, and delivery under 2 hours, on average.

Speedlancer has relocated to San Francisco to join 500 Startups. Top-quality Speedlancers span the globe, offering quality services around the clock.

Based on internal ratings of each order to date (through customer experience surveys), Speedlancer has seen…

of orders resulting in a 10/10 rating on the delivered work
rating their work an 8 or above
of all customers leaving satisfied

"The cover letter I sent cost me $400,000 in education to write, and $29 on Speedlancer to perfect it. That's what I call a steal... Welcome to 2015."

− Timmy Wahba ~Projective Space, NYC

"I came across Speedlancer and decided to give it a try. Whereas writers are typically slow when it comes to producing longer content, with Speedlancer the article came back quickly, passed CopyScape and overall I was very impressed with the finished product. Highly Recommended."

− Stevo Jacobs, CEO @ EDM Sauce

"Thank you for your prompt service. I love the concept and to have my design delivered in just 30 mins was outstanding! I strongly recommend anyone to use this site especially if your looking for help at a good price with fantastic service. The interface was easy to use and any revisions that I asked for were done without question. How can anyone complain about paying $29 for full design work with over 30 different file formats. I look forward to using the service again shortly."

− Tim Denning, Essential for Success and a banker at National Australia Bank,October 17, 2014

"Very likely to recommend to a friend. Both times I have used Speedlancer I have found the response time to be extremely fast and well within the 4 hour limit, the results to be excellent and the cost to be very affordable. I will definitely use it again."

− Michael Hui

"We stumbled across Speedlancer and it was the perfect fit for us – we placed a banner design job, it was picked up quickly and delivered a couple hours later. Since then, we treat Speedlancer as our army of almost-instant-gratification designers and copywriters."

− Michael J, Co-Founder @ LeadChat

"We were in a crunch and needed some design work done quickly; Speedlancer came to the rescue! Not only was it fast and accurate but it was below budget."

− Justin Gerock / Founder (MetricMed™)

Frequently asked questions

How is quality maintained?

We spend a lot of time and effort in the curation process; we accept only the best of the best freelancers and monitor all work for quality standards. And with 99% customer satisfaction, we must be doing something right!

How do you guarantee 4 hour delivery?

All tasks are delivered within 4 hours of acceptance, or your money back. A 4 hour limit prevents procrastination, ensuring that you’re not left waiting for your freelancer to work on your project. Once they accept it, they get to work immediately. This is a first for the freelancing industry, and is the reason we have 99% customer satisfaction.

Where are your freelancers based?

Our writers are all native English speakers, from the USA, Canada, UK or Australia only, and they all have extensive PR/media experience (some are even published authors!).

Our designers and data-entry professionals are from around the world, with strong English skills and top-notch portfolios.


Speedlancer offers design, writing and data-entry work in 4 hour
increments. Most tasks can be done in 4 hours. These include:


logos, banners, posters, business cards, infographics and more


blog posts, content creation, press releases, proof reading, resume writing/proofreading

Data Entry

data entry, data mining, lead generation, copy & paste work, data manipulation, transcription



With Guy Kawasaki as their chief evangelist, Canva has positioned themselves as the easiest to use design platform. Speedlancer has partnered with Canva to combine its professional designers with Canva’s design tool to make awesome, editable designs in just 4 hours!

Speedlancer will soon be joining the marketplace to help their 63 Million users access the best designers, writers and data-entry freelancers with ease.


Helps users create awesome Adsy micro-websites

More in discussions and on the way!


Speedlancer allows customers to choose their pricing based on tasks in 4 hour increments, and Speedlancers choose whether or not to accept the task at the given price. Tasks average at just $29.

One of Speedlancer’s top data-entry Speedlancers, Mitchell Allen posted this encouraging newsletter to his followers about its pricing models

“Freelancing Is a Horrible Idea (Except When It’s Wonderful)”

Freelancing Is a Horrible Idea (Except When It's Wonderful)



1. Choose the category
of work

2. Tell us what it is you
want done!

3. Pick the price you are
willing to pay and authorise
your payment


Your task will be sent out to our network of curated,
professional Speedlancers


Within 4 hours of task acceptance,
a Speedlancer will deliver your task.